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Dr. Afzal, DDS

Welcome to what we hope you will find a unique and affordable combination of services and expertise in a broad range of computer and electronic fields. I'm glad that you found us and hope you will be as well.

As the name implies, web development is a large part of what we do however, thirty years in IT Administration, government level computer programming, graphic development, television production, the music industry, the publishing industry, photography/videography and computer/electronic sales has provided us with a huge array of capabilities which one would normally have to deal with a half dozen different entities to find.

We have worked in various capacities with people and organizations including The U.S.A.F Thunderbirds, Yanni, Cliff Robertson, Petula Clark, Sarah Brightman and many others. Our award winning photography exhibits have been displayed internationally. Our music was #1 on's charts at the beginning of the digital music explosion on the internet and has been featured in PBS documentaries. We've done websites for PBS, newspaper publishers, not-for-profit organizations, sporting enthusiasts, political figures, tattoo artists... you name it. We are artisans who have worked in very technical fields for decades. We rely on technology to create art and make an art out of maintaining that technology.

As big as all that might sound, most of the time, it's the little things that tickle us and we believe quality services should be affordable to everyone. Things simply shouldn't cost what they do to most consumers.

So. What do we do? A little of everything that everyone eventually finds themselves needing a little of.

Do you have a virus? We find it.
Is your computer broken? We fix it.
Is your internet not working? We make it talk.
Do you need corporate imaging? We're artists.
And, of course, if you need a website? We build it.

We do this with near assurance that if you're looking anywhere else, you're probably going to spend at least twice what you should and, in most cases, will not get the same degree of service or quality of work.

Virus Removal Repairs and Upgrades Networking Solutions Graphic Design Web Development

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