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Websites 'R' Us. That could have easily been our name. We've been writing websites since the late 80's when we were still using Commodore 64's before you could even put a picture or simple graphic on the fledgling World WideWeb. Our local Commodore Users Group was responsible for bringing SprintNet into the Plattsburgh area and opening up the internet to consumers for the first time. All you needed back then was a simple text editor and knowledge of HTML. We've been doing this for a very long time.

Things have come a long way since then and we've kept pace with the industry very nicely. We've done very large, full multimedia sites for the local television and publishing industries. We've done small hobby sites, community discussion forums, direct marketing sites with full e-commerce, political campaigns and corporate informational sites.

We use up-to-date development systems and specialize in heavily database integrated applications using PHP and SQL in addition to a lot of standard old HTML, JavaScript, Flash and CSS.

Our sites are developed to be easily found, indexed and cross referenced by search engines using current SEO standards. This assures your best possible placement when people are trying to search for you on the web using a variety of search engines.

We can offer you complete, turn key service from domain name registration, to web server hosting or we can work with your current server company. Call or email us to discuss your needs and get a free assessment. Talk is still cheap. So is our web development service.

Our newest strategies are focusing on integration of your website and social networking sites including Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Google Places and Twitter. Video can be hosted on YouTube and the embedded in both Facebook and your website, making it available in three places instead of one. The social networking environment is ideal for establishing a base for fans of your product or service. They tell their friends about it, and they tell THEIR friends about it and the effect becomes exponential... and it's free. It's a perfect way to post coupons or daily specials and to have more traffic driven back to your website and, ultimately, to your front door. It's a fantastic, circular marketing model that is the wave of the future.


Because the amount of time spent on a design project is determined by the size and scope of the project, it's best to contact us directly. Be sure to provide some information on what you want in order to get more specific design rates.


* Quotes are given on a per-project basis, following initial consultation.
* All projects require a 50% deposit prior to inception
* Remainder of balance is due upon completion of project
* Websites launch after receipt of final payment
* Any additional items not listed in estimate are billed at standard hourly rate


* We make a committment to providing small text or graphics changes free.
* Addition of new pages or features is billed at a standard rate of $40/hour
* Minimum billable time per maintenance request is 30 minutes


* Hosting & DNS registrations can be for 1 year, 2 year or 3 year intervals.
* Type and cost of hosting plan is determined by website requirements


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